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Welcome to India International House Ltd.

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Production Processes Offered

  1. Gravity casting
  2. Hot forging
  3. Investment casting
  4. Extrusion
  5. Pressure Die Casting (Zinc)
  6. Pressure Die Casting (Aluminium)
  7. Sand Casting
  8. Automated High capacity Power Press Shop
  9. Plastic moulding
  10. Sheet metal products forming
  11. Pipe bending and forming
  12. Wood products processing
  1. Epoxy/Polyester powder coating
  2. Electrostatic Liquid Gun Painting
  3. Electrostatic Liquid Gun lacquering
  4. Electro-phoretic lacquering
  5. Electroplating
  6. PVD
  7. Electropolishing
  1. Debburing
  2. CNC Machining
  3. VMC Machining
  4. Shot/Sand Blasting
  5. Tapping
  6. Welding
  7. Cold/Spot Welding
  8. Polishing
  9. Assembly
Packaging options
  1. Blister packing on rigid backing card
  2. Skin packing
  3. Polybag with header card
  4. Rigid backing card with clips
  5. Various rigid clam shell options
  6. APET box packing
  7. Printed retail boxes
  8. Various ‘bulk’ packing options
  9. Ready to shelf for chain stores.
Product Categories
  1. Door Handles – Hot forged, sand cast, pressure die cast, Gravity Cast and other.
  2. Door pull handles – forged, tube, castings and others.
  3. Front door accessories – knockers, centre door knobs, cylinder pulls, letter plates, internal flaps, hinges, numerals and others
  4. Bathroom Accessories – towel rails, toilet roll holders, robe hooks, toothbrush holders, toilet flush handles
  5. Curtain poles and accessories – wood/ plastic/ all metals.
  6. Staircase handrail systems – architectural and DIY wood/ plastic and all metals
  7. Switch plates - Wood
  8. General Hardware – Rings, Buckle, Chains, Dog leash - wood/ plastic and all metals.
  9. Aluminium Hardware – Painted/ anodized and powder coated
  10. Cabinet hardware – Wood/ plastic and all metals
  11. Hinges and glass door hinges – Steel/ stainless steel/ Brass
  12. UPVC door and window and accessories
  13. Exterior Residential items – mail boxes, weather vanes, all metals
  14. Steel hinges & Ironmongery - Steel
  15. Raw Forgings for various industries – Brass/ Aluminium/ Copper etc.
  16. Machined Components for various industries – all metals
  17. Urns for Funeral purposes – all metals
  18. Sheet Metal Components – All metals
IIHL Core Competencies
  1. Rapid response in-house modeling and design capability
  2. Extensive in-house QC procedures & product performance testing
  3. In-house, low cost tool and die making
  4. Capable in zinc, Brass, stainless steel, aluminium, Steel, Plastic/Ready to shelf 4 feet, 8 feet, 12 feet, section, for chain stores.
  5. Flexibility to produce small quantities
  6. Low cost manufacturing
  7. Full control of all processes from design to delivery
  8. Complete design to development from drawings to ready to sell products.
Why choose India International House?
  1. . India’s largest Builder Hardware manufacturer, having over 40 years’ experience in supplying international markets including USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia
  2. 40 satisfied customer in USA, UK, Europe and Australia.
  3. Unrivalled production and out-sourcing capacity
  4. Substantial reinvestment in all aspects of the business, including in engineering, technology, warehousing, design & testing
  5. Strong Technology transfer partnerships with major western and US manufacturers
  6. Commitment to high quality standards and processes
  7. Experienced management team who understand the requirements of International markets and of their local distributors / retailers
  8. Extremely sound financial backing
  9. Adoption of international HR, Ethical and Environmental policies
  10. Efficient communication methods with customers
  11. One stop shop for all hardware, mail boxes, stair rail and fittings, death care manufactured in nonferrous and ferrous metals.
  12. FOB/CIF/CNF/ all Incoterms shipping.
  13. Kanban facility
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